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Optical Fibre and Blown Fibre

BSCL offer the complete range of optical fibre networks for all applications from equipment connectivity in data centres, “fibre to the desk” where maximum bandwidth and speed is essential, to high speed backbones in campus environments.

For full future proof flexibility we specialise in the blown fibre range. This product is especially useful for multi-building sites where upgrading cables could involve costly civil works [underground ducting, reinstatements etc]. A micro-duct tube is initially installed between the appropriate locations, then the required quantity and type of optical fibre cores are literally blown through the tube by compressed air. When the quantity or type need to be upgraded, the existing cores are blown out and the new blown in. This technology is not restricted to external environments, but may be used in any situation when to cable more than once is neither practical nor cost effective.

Single mode or multi mode, tight jacket or loose tube, cable or micro-duct – our designers will find the best fibre solution, and our fully trained engineers will ensure that the installation is completed to highest standard possible.

Our current supported systems OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS1, OS2

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