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BSCL will plan the wireless installation, install your wireless network, and then test and verify the operation of the wireless network. The installation will be documented for future reference. If you have already completed your requirements analysis, the first step in the installation process is a Predictive Coverage Analysis and establishment of a Network Plan.

To complete the Predictive Coverage Analysis a detailed site plan is required. A floor plan image is required for all of the buildings and all of the floors. Supported formats for the floor plan images are: bmp, tif, or jpg The more detailed the better, especially if the drawings have wall types or show where double wall thicknesses have been used.

The Predictive Coverage Analysis (Heat Maps) produces a Network Plan that includes the access points locations and signal coverage predictions. Once the Network Plan is established, a visual inspection of the site is needed. The Network Plan generated by the predictive coverage assessment and analysis serves as the basis for the site’s visual inspection and the pre-deployment site survey. A budgetary estimate for the access points and their installation is accomplished since that the number and locations of the access points are known.

The Predictive Coverage Analysis is normally followed by a Pre-Deployment Site Survey. A properly conducted pre-deployment site survey can help ensure that the ultimate network installation operates at peak efficiency with a minimum of extraneous or conflicting components.

Installation is the most physically demanding phase of the project and includes setup and testing to ensure that the selected Wireless LAN hardware will provide the desired coverage and bandwidth to the Wireless LAN users. Prior to installation, the hardware is normally configured and tested off site to ensure that the installation progresses smoothly. The wireless network is then installed at the customer’s site using the Network Plan modified, if necessary, by the results of the Pre-Deployment Site Survey.

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