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That the average cable run length will not exceed 50mt
All cabling will be surface fixed to the structure of the building using suitable fixings with vertical cable drops being contained in PVC mini trunking to its required final location
All cabling will be terminated onto an appropriate patch panel and user outlet at each end, which will be uniquely identified with printed Silver fox labelling software, as per the customers requirements.

On completion each U/UTP cable will be fully tested using our Cable Scanner to the requirements of ISO11801 (class D or class E) P-link, with full documentation being submitted on completion.
Where cabinets are to be installed, each will come complete with the following specification; A lockable glazed front door, Casters or feet, power distribution strip
Where a cabinet is to be installed a protective earth wire connection will be made from the PDU unit via a suitable connection point. (external earthing point on PDU), however it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a suitable power connection point is provide to each cabinet location.

All components will have a 20 or 25 year application warranty support by the manufacturer, additionally all installation work will carry a 12 month guarantee from BSCL Ltd against defective workmanship.
All cabling works will be installed in accordance with TIA/EIA568-B.1 & 2, TIA/EIA569-A, TIA/EIA568-B.3, ISO11801, EN50173, EN50174 & BS6701.


1. That no work can be commenced on site without an official purchase order or written authorisation.

2. That no amendments to the quantities/description of works as detailed in our quotation can be accepted without an official purchase order or written authorisation.

3. That on receipt of an official order we will require a period of one weeks notice prior to works commencing on site.

4. That our quotation will remain open for acceptance for a period of 90 days from the date of this correspondence.

5. That should our costs be accepted would you please ensure that our quotation reference number is stated on your purchase order and all other correspondence.

6. Payment Terms and Conditions

a) That all Sales invoices for complete works are nett and payable within 30 days from date of invoice. Any queries relating to invoices should be brought to the attention of the Sales Invoicing Department, Bristol, by return, in writing.

b) That contracts of an extended period greater than 4 weeks are to be subject to interim claims as a percentage of the works complete at the time of invoicing [Clause a) would still be applicable to all interim claims].

c) That any invoices not queried within 30 days of posting will be deemed correct and irrefutable.

7. That all costs shown are exclusive of VAT.


1. That all work is to be carried out during normal working hours, Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. unless otherwise stated.

2. That clear access is to be available at all times and in all areas for the duration of the installation to allow continuity of work.

3. That our quotation is based on an agreed working programme prior to work commencing on site, contract period to be agreed.

4. That any builder’s work i.e. making good of decoration etc. is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise agreed.

5. That all works will be carried out in accordance with Industry Standards or Manufacturer’s requirements, unless otherwise specified.

6. For the purpose of this quotation we have assumed that all details that have been provided by the customer are correct and valid, should the information that has been provided by the customer is found to be incorrect and the works can not go ahead as agreed then the cost of £185.00 per engineer will be applicable along with any other additional charges to complete this work to a satisfactory completion.


1. Prior to commencement of installation work, a copy of the building Asbestos register will be made available for our inspection

2. That we have assumed that all ducts, walkways and planned cable routes are asbestos free, or will be cleared prior to the work commencing. In the event of asbestos being suspected or discovered on site, we have an obligation to ensure that our men are not exposed to such hazards and we will therefore have to cease work until the situation is investigated and declared safe without any costs to ourselves.

3. That with regard to moving furniture/equipment, we have included for moving of furniture/equipment normally found within an office environment only (under 25kg), we have not allowed for moving of furniture/equipment which requires more than two persons or any furniture/equipment which requires dismantling/special lifting equipment. We have not included for moving furniture/equipment contained within storerooms or storage areas.

4. That all cable access routes and working areas are to be free from environmental hazards i.e. asbestos, explosives, toxic chemicals etc.

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