Consultation & Design

As a vendor-neutral Managed Services Company, covering all aspects of the IT/IP industry, we are able to combine our experience and management with industry accredited partners to provide the latest technologies that are right for your business.

Our design and consultancy team use an open book policy with our partners and specialists, involving them from project initiation to completion, allowing you to see the solution’s evolution from the dedicated team. With our experience we believe we are creative, innovative and able to think ‘outside the box’ collaborating with multiple vendors, managing the conception at all stages.
Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to provide an IT strategy for your business that will deliver growth, innovation and business continuity. We will identify and select strategic partners and products that will provide you with cost-effective, expandable and future-minded solutions to deliver results for your business and ensure success.

With new technologies ever increasing it’s inevitable that change is required. In today’s fast-moving marketplace, you need to be aware, flexible and adaptable to the changes around. We have the ability to respond quickly where necessary and help your business implement IT changes as you grow.

We can help manage your IT project utilising our expertise and knowledge of the industry. Whether you are implementing a new wired infrastructure or just looking to enhance your existing LAN, we can help you face your IT project challenges. We know how to manage projects to tight deadlines and within budget constraints.

Our design and consultancy services are strictly reviewed to assess and comply with:

• Your requirements
• Quality
• Compliance
• Industry Standards and regulations
• Local regulations
• Ethical and environmental impacts

Our design and consultancy team can also offer an independent tender writing service, working with you and your partners to produce the project mandate that vendors will respond to. BSCL will find and scrutinise vendors and suppliers on your behalf, removing the concerns and management of multi-supplier interactions, whilst maintaining accountability for the final project delivery against the scope. BSCL’s consultants specialise in working with our client’s specification portfolios ensuring their businesses IT solution is relevant, cost-effective and identical throughout their facilities, be local or global.

BSCL’s design and consultancy services can support your businesses with new or ongoing projects, assist with business cases and tender creation or review, maintain or create specifications through detailed consultancy and design. BSCL’s vendor neutrality has enabled our customers to receive bespoke solutions, whilst maintaining the same level of support through our ‘single point of contact’ support management.